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About Us

Dean Cole Design is the brainchild of Canadian artist and Graphic Designer, Dean Cole. Born and raised in Ottawa, On. Canada, Dean graduated from the Algonquin College Graphic Design program in 2010.

Spending most of his adult career in Graphic Design, Product Design, Motion Design, and never really being able to hold down a job more than a couple years (mostly due to restructuring, layoffs, acquisitions, yada yada yada).

Dean has always had a passion for creating original pieces of work and designs that appeal to generations.

He is now trying to expand on his merch empire, and hopes that you’ll stick around for the journey.

Our Vision

I want to create a line of products that I know and trust, and want to share my designs with the world. I mean, you are here right? You must be interested!

Looking for something more original for yourself? Let’s have a coffee sometime and chat about it.