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As a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, I’ve had several outstanding careers. I’ve designed for a lot of different projects and have spread my talents across Canada.

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My name is Dean Cole. I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Ottawa, ON. Canada and have been working in the field for over 7+ years. I graduated from the Algonquin College Graphic Design program (3 years) in 2010, and have been designing for many different people and companies in Ottawa and around the world.

I’ve done logos, websites, album covers, band merch, skateboards/longboards, icons and UI/UX for software, mobile apps, mobile games, and even motion graphics projects, but one of my favourite design pastimes is illustration.

Currently, I work for Rogers Digital Media as the lead Web Producer for the entire Rogers ROCK format across Canada. I work with 10+ stations directly, and support nearly 50 radio stations. The BEST part about the job is while I get to work on the websites, I still get to do some design work for the weekly Theme Weekends that the ROCK format puts together.



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