Blokus iOS

Blokus iOS was the first mobile game design project that I worked on. The interface design was very different from when it originally started, and I had very little to work with, other than creating some main game assets.


After several production meetings, and a few months dealing with the building of the game, we were asked to redesign everything to go along with new box art branding that was being released. With my help, we were able to put the game back into the right direction.


Once the game was released, we started on the V1.1 update, which included new and different ways to play Blokus with power-ups, hints, in-app purchases, and other features.
Blokus iOS Logo
I had the most fun creating concepts for avatars and characters in the game. Magmic had a reoccurring theme of different class types for different difficulties. Animals for Easy, Humans for Medium, and Robots for Hard. I was specifically asked to make things as squared (blocky) as possible to go with the theme of the game.
Animal Avatars for Blokus. (Left to Right) Wreks (Dog), Mittens (Cat), Webber (Duck)
Human Avatars for Blokus (Left to RIght) Jeff, Milo, Suzy, Mindy
Robots for Blokus (Left to Right) BLX-2A, Bloksor, Blokley
Mobile app screens of the main menu and leaderboard.
Display preview of the iPad version of the game with gameplay interface.
Wireframe mocks of the 1.1 user flow through the product.
Gameplay review video 1.
Gameplay review video 2.